About the Symposium

The Zinc Symposium is an international scientific conference to review the latest knowledge and best agricultural practices in addressing zinc deficiency and its impact on global crop production and human health.


Conference Sessions Include:

Session 1:

Zinc in Soils and the Environment

Session 2:

Plant Physiology, Genetics, and Molecular Biology

Session 3:

Zinc in Animal and Human Nutrition

Session 4:

Fertilizer Zinc, Crop Biofortification and Social Aspects

Who Should Attend?

The Zinc Symposium will take a global view on zinc deficiency in soil, crops and animal and human nutrition– and on the best practices to mitigate its impact. The conference will provide new and updated information for agronomists, soil scientists, fertilizer companies, research institutions, government agencies and all those involved in optimizing crop yields and animal and human nutrition.



The conference language is English.


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